Instagram engagement that's powered
by thought and fuelled by action.

Instagram engagement that’s powered by thought and fuelled by action.

When Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched instagram in October 2010, we’re sure they didn’t see instagram becoming today’s monster of an engagement platform that has every brand worth its salt and every salty personality vying for 2 split seconds of fleeting human attention.

Hell no. Even when Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2012, we’re certain Mark Zuckerberg didn’t see it becoming bigger than his mothership. No credit to Mark here, Kevin and Mike ensured instagram engagement was already through the roof before Mark bought it. Mark bundled the gram with Facebook added WhatsApp to the mix packaged it as meta that caused a catastrophic explosion of content that took instagram engagement to almost zero and those hard fought 2 split seconds of fleeting human attention down to lesser than a split second.

At Centrick, we don’t fight for split seconds of fleeting human attention. We command minutes from engaged humans.

We command minutes from engaged humans.We are built to drive instagram engagement of value by blending quality ingredients at the right temperature and time. Let us explain.

21st June was World Music Day. It also happens to be World Motorcycle Day. For Aprilia, the importance of these two falling on the same day has epic significance in driving instagram engagement. To die hard motorbike enthusiasts, the sound of pistons firing in an engine block, is music to their ears. The lesser mortals can’t fathom the music produced by an engine with an uneven 270-degree firing order that is charged and then charged again. To indulge the masses in this genre of music we added John Abraham, the bike enthusiast into the mix. That’s how “One rev for bikes. One rev for Music”, an idea that drove instagram engagement into the millions came to life.