we are giving bubble,

a Silicon Valley insurance

startup, a unique voice

with an american accent

we are giving bubble, a Silicon Valley insurance startup, a unique voice with an American accent


What do you do when a startup from the capital of all the world’s startups wants you to help them launch their insurance brand in one of the world’s most crowded industry in the world’s largest consumer market? You make sure it gets the best possible start to become a unicorn. You make sure it stands out from the sea of sameness. You give it a voice that resonates with people, a voice that’s as clear as day, as sweet as honey and as transparent as a bubble. And we did just that because that’s the way insurance should be.

Bubble is a unique insurance aggregator startup that aims to provide a simple solution to all your insurance problems. It specialises in home insurance bundled along with life insurance. It is a digital first company that offers its users a platform to compare multiple insurance policies and choose what’s best for them. It utilises data and analytics to handhold its customers through the process of buying insurance without the need for any offline, in person interaction. Through the use of technology and artificial intelligence, Bubble creates a transparent and personal experience for its users and around their needs.

The task is not easy. To sell insurance to people who are glaringly ignorant to insurance or anything to do with security or investment in their future. And why wouldn’t they be. They are young and stupid. Full of vigour and excitement. They don’t want to think about boring things such as insurance. They’d rather grab a beer or go for a ride. And they should. Without a worry about anything else in the world.

That’s what we are here for. We took the worries of our clients and their customers, put them in our pockets and gave them freedom to be what they want to be, to do what they do best. One of Bubble’s core elements is to provide an ease of mind to its customers, only this time we were the ones who will ease their minds.

Today, Bubble stands not amidst the sea of sameness, but apart from all the other insurance aggregators. A small startup it may be, but it is well on its way to make its mark on the market, and we made sure that the mark is bold and indelible. So if you’re in the US, and looking to buy a house or live a life of ease, go get your bubble.

Need more assurance than our word? Read what the Founder & CEO of Bubble had to say about Centrick.

“Centrick offers a fresh, out-of-the-ordinary thinking on positioning brands to highlight unique value propositions, keeping the target audience in mind. From our initial engagement, we have been impressed with their quick yet deep understanding of our domain and creative thinking around multiple ways to set ourselves apart and build a memorable impression with our audience. I was equally impressed with how quickly Centrick pulled together experts across the many skill sets that go into such an effort, from designers & illustrators to copywriters and story-tellers.”

Avi Gupta – Founder & CEO