EFL Global has its eyes

set on India

EFL Global has its eyes set on India


EFL, a leader in global supply chain solutions headquartered in Sri Lanka, is all set to make its mark in India. And to do this, they’ve partnered with Centrick. With a significant presence in over 30 countries, we knew we had to go the extra mile to acclimatise their offerings for the Indian subcontinent. So, to make a global company align with the Indian business sentiment, we stayed true to our proven four step process, i.e. to “listen, learn, create and communicate”.

Once we identify the pain points of the logistics segment in India, we’ll build innovative strategies to address them. We’ll then leverage the data we’ve collected using our new “Online Listening Practice” and couple it with our research to craft 360 degree communication and media solutions. Solutions that will be hyper focused and hyper localised. Solutions that will surely put EFL on the Indian map for a long time to come.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what the Head of Marketing (India), EFL has to say.

“Centrick’ s proven four-step process, “Listen, Learn, Create and Communicate,” when working with clients and the impact this approach has had in building brands, convinced us to partner with them for EFL India’s future Business Strategy. Their understanding of the business and thereafter, crafting deliveries based on data, gives us the confidence that they will deliver on the goals we have set out to achieve. We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with Centrick.”

Rooso Ramachandran – CEO (India)