A corporate video to celebrate how
nature powers the manufacturing of engines.

A corporate video to celebrate how nature powers the manufacturing of engines.

When a company makes diesel engines, you don’t expect the company to be lean, green and clean. But what if nature powered the processes they use to build engines? That’s how Kirloskar Oil Engines made their state-of-the-art Kagal facility a role model factory. By partnering nature they build engines that generate power to keep the lights on at hospitals, airports, research facilities, data server rooms and defence installations, and the motors that run in oil and gas refineries, manufacturing industries and infrastructure projects.

So how did we tell the story of them partnering nature to power life? We captured it all in a corporate video. A corporate video that will be shared with their potential customers, customers, peers and industry conclaves.

Unlike traditional corporate videos which focus only on product and processes, we scripted the film to celebrate the initiatives taken by them to take care of their people, the communities they work in and the planet itself. Right from setting up a factory on a once barren land and converting the space into a flourishing landscape. From converting plastic waste to fuel that powers operations to recharging groundwater for the neighbouring villages. From converting food waste into biogas to harnessing sunlight to illuminate their offices. From training their team members to perform at the highest standards of excellence to engineering solutions that help industries change life. The corporate video celebrated every initiative undertaken by them, crafted to drive change and spark audiences to think differently while inspiring similar industries to imbibe these practices. 

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