"Business has only two functions—marketing and innovation.”
We are a marketing agency to Kirloskar that adds innovation to marketing.

"Business has only two functions—marketing and innovation.” We are a marketing agency to Kirloskar that adds innovation to marketing.

As a marketing agency tasked with the mission to bring alive the proposition of “Limitless”, we first had to be limitless in our thinking. We couldn’t let conventional factors, associated with the communication industry, limit our thinking, ideas or reach. The task becomes harder when you’re a marketing agency to a brand that gives you complete freedom while placing immense faith and trust in you to do the absolute best you can. You then obviously roll up your sleeves, get to work and ensure everything you do, looks good while adhering to guidelines set by someone else.

Designing communication and creating destinations is one thing. But as a marketing agency, delivering that communication and driving audiences to these destinations is a gigantic task. We not only had to think big, we also had to partner big thinkers. So we did just that.

We ensured that the brand’s story unfolded across all touch points seamlessly and effectively.

But communicating a story is always just the start. A marketing agency has to build on it, sustain it and continue to engage audiences with it. Limitless, while someone else may have coined the term, is now our baby to nurture and grow for Kirloskar Ferrous, Kirloskar Oil Engines, Kirloskar Pneumatic, Kirloskar Chillers among others. To do this, we will leverage the right media channels and bring alive activations, communication, content and experiences.

At Centrick we understand our role as a marketing agency. Our task is in perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.

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Introducing A Refreshed Kirloskar.

So what if you’re marketing to your entire audience or a large customer, dealer and employee base? Each one of them is special and must be treated with respect. As a digital first marketing agency, we ensured the hygiene and fundamentals associated with digital marketing were followed for print as well as television. We made 124 edits in 7 languages from single masters and ensured each region we spoke to, we spoke their language.

The results spoke for themselves.

1) On the 17th of July #KirloskarLimitless organically trended at No. 2 for 9.52 hours. It even beat political and sentimental trends of the day. We stayed behind #WorldEmojiDay and we absolutely loved that. Nothing should supersede fun.
2) On 22nd July, 2.45 PM, 6 days after premiering a single English edit crossed 11.8 million ThruPlay views on Facebook, with a total viewership across all videos of 1,23,42,023 (ThruPlay), reaching a unique audience of 1,50,63,223 and garnering 2,32,76,393 impressions.
3) YouTube reached a unique audience of 80,23,828, with impressions of 1,04,30,976, garnering a viewership of 4.9 million in 6 days on 22nd July, 3.27 PM.
4) The campaign featured in every single publication that mattered, Financial express even featured it in their “Work That Speaks” section, describing it as work which is warm and shines with its humility. Kudos to the people that were a part of making it.