MAS will show you the

next fashion trend.

Because we built it that way.

MAS will show you the next fashion trend. Because we built it that way.


What do Nike, Lacoste, Victoria’s Secret and Centrick have in common? MAS Holdings. The world’s largest apparel tech conglomerate, based out of Sri Lanka. They’re the ones who make sure that Nike can just do it. That life is a beautiful sport for Lacoste. They’re even rumoured to be Victoria’s elusive secret. As for Centrick? Well, while we make brands look good, they made our client portfolio look great.

We partnered with Conceptual Pictures Worldwide to bring life to this monumental project. One where we had to unify more than 18 subsidiaries under one umbrella while redesigning MAS’s online destination. But we didn’t want to just reimagine the website’s structure. We wanted the world to discover the story of three brothers who started a small garment manufacturing business on a prayer and then went on to build an empire worth $1.2 billion.

To do this, we talked to different teams across different verticals, spanning different geographies, keen on learning each story.And what we found were different stories of humility, uncompromising in their determination to solve for the problems of tomorrow.

Not just in terms of their processes, but the lives they impact as well. So, we aligned with their radical thinking and built an online destination that was just as radical.

We custom-made 3 interfaces that powered over 150 pages to be unique. We defined a visual language that set the framework for the photography style. For an information-centric online destination, we ensured that the visitor would not be overwhelmed. In fact, wherever they came from, they’d find what they were searching for. Be it a potential client, aspiring applicant or someone who wants to partner with MAS to make the world a better place.

We coded the CMS backend to make it easy for the site to keep pace with the company’s growing vision. We believe that a company with a far-reaching global presence, deserves a website that can speak more than one language. So we served the MAS website in 104 languages. That’s how we built an online destination worthy of a conglomerate that is shaping the future of the apparel industry.