Meet Mee Mee,

the mother of all baby

care brands

Meet Mee Mee, the mother of all baby care brands


When Mee Mee, the mother of all baby care brands, approached Centrick to redesign their e-commerce website, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. If you’ve been witness to our journey over the past two years, you’ll know e-commerce solutions are our sweet spot. (Yes, we’ve even been awarded for our e-commerce solutions.) And this was another opportunity to build an online destination that was shopper optimised, performance friendly and future ready.

With the best e-commerce practices and techniques in our repertoire, we set out to craft a unique tone and design language for Mee Mee. We adopted the clutter-breaking approach, keeping the e-commerce platform simple, refreshing and the customers at the heart of the design.

Whether they’d come to buy a gift for a newborn baby or an essential for their own baby, they’d find exactly what they were looking for. Now, isn’t that the role a good e-commerce solution should play?

We went one step further. We positioned Mee Mee as a friend of the new parents. One who understands their wants, who is there for them in the hour of need and provides the right assistance along the way. We did this by incorporating a simple, playful tone and tenor across the website. We even anthropomorphised the products, giving each one its own voice while discussing their attributes. What makes Mee Mee special is that all their products are baby friendly. So we used colours, imagery and graphical elements to make the Mee Mee online destination baby friendly too.