As a design agency we believe what we design is actually designing us.

As a design agency
we believe what we
design is actually designing us.

Design should always be influenced by culture. Culture is a powerful thing. It influences more facets of life than we realise. It tells the story about how we do things, why we do them and the values that we share as a society. So, as a design agency tasked to build an Indian luxury wedding brand, we understood this. We began by studying the values of the brand and the things they do that define them. India is a melting pot of cultures. Each celebrates occasions differently and so requires different approaches. Now that’s a challenge. We had to marry them into a singular design language.

Next, as a design agency should do, we thought about language and type. It is the first thing that comes to mind when distinguishing different cultures. For us, this was the simplest part. We picked a universal and colloquial Indian name for marriage and blended it with the brand. Thus, the name was born “Shaadi by the Marriott”

Different cultures have a very different acceptance to colours. As a design agency that loves to play with colours, we picked a palette that worked across diverse religions and cultures. Graphics were crafted with care so as to not hurt cultural sentiments and sensibilities. Materials, textures and finishes were cherry picked, keeping in mind the grandiose of the occasion and the aesthetic of the brand.

We then crafted communication for the brand by using the same cultural insights. Marriott understood the importance of gifting during weddings, a value rooted in Indian culture. We brought this understanding to the forefront. Marriott will craft your memorable wedding and yes, it will gift you an unforgettable honeymoon.

As a design agency, Centrick understands the finer nuances of the brand, the audience it wishes to enamour, and uses culture to marry the two. After all, that’s what a marriage made in heaven is all about.