In pursuit of the perfect egg,

we found Stahl.

In pursuit of making the perfect egg, we found Stahl.


A soft knock on the corner of the pan.
 White gold rushes out of the cracks.
 The sigh. The sizzle, as it touches the hot base. 
Firming up with just the right amount of jiggle. 
A dash of salt. A shake of pepper. Not just a work of art.
 But a masterpiece. Made with Stahl. Served at your table.

The word itself brings to mind a sense of strength, power, courage. The name exudes gravitas. It’s no surprise then, that stahl is German for steel. But if you ask us, stahl is one of the coolest cookware brands in India, if not the coolest. Impressive to look at and a wonder to cook with, we immediately recognised Stahl as the game changer in this space. So we were ecstatic when they decided to partner us to show the rest of the world how something as simple as a pan handle can evolve the way you cook. Transform the way you eat. And with just a flick of your wrist, change the way you live.

What makes Stahl stand apart from all the other cookware brands, is the sheer passion behind crafting every single one of their products. The form, the functionality are enhanced to elevate everyday cooking into an experience that is almost meditative. We won’t have to tell you twice on how to get the perfect egg, every single time.

And we can’t wait to get started. But we aren’t the only ones. Read what the director of Stahl has to say about working with us.


“We are really looking forward to working with Centrick, Roy and the team. We truly believe their thought processes align and we feel they will be great partners to grow the brand. Their current work is fabulous, they are super responsive and energetic. This is the start of a long partnership.”

Dhruv Agarwal – Director