That’s Italian for style.

That's Italian for style.


They say four wheels move the body. But two move your soul. And no two wheels move your soul, like Vespa. An expression of style, aesthetics and freedom. A distinct character, the Vespa draws your attention, holds it and rides off with it. And that’s what happened at Centrick. Vespa, a brand we’ve all loved and yearned for, came knocking on our door with a simple request. To partner us in their mission to be seen as more than a mobility brand. Instead, to be coveted as a fashion accessory. A style statement that speaks Italian. Now, that caught our attention.

So we got cracking. We immersed ourselves in its heritage. A heritage as vibrant and colourful as the bikes themselves.

We were drawn to the brand’s dynamism. Its speedy aesthetics. Its aerodynamic designs. Its retro vibe in a modern world. Its playful take on mobility. And just like that, we were young, in love and free. That’s the magic of Vespa.

With the synergies of the brand and our creative team at play, we are all set to invite India to one of the grandest style movements it will ever witness. From iconic events to heartwarming stories. From limited edition launches to sought-after collaborations, we are all set to have Vespa ride into your hearts, in style.