E-commerce branding that makes time for every vibe.

E-commerce bradning
that makes time
for every vibe.

How do you make a mark in a market that recorded a 47% year-on-year growth? How do you stand apart in the sea of sameness when there is a smartwatch being launched by numerous brand is launching a smartwatch? Just like you? You simply change the vibe of your e-commerce branding.

That’s what we did when Vibez by Lifelong wanted to launch their range of smartwatches. It wasn’t about just rocking the boat or making some noise, it was about pegging it with the Rolexes of the smartwatch universe. On an e-commerce platform, what matters is how good you look and how aspirational your brand is.

Once you catch the eye of a prospective buyer, your offering does the rest of the work. Good e-commerce branding is hence, just about what would make someone stop mid scroll and take another look.

How did we do this? We styled a photoshoot in a manner that enhanced the smartwatch. The USP of each watch was distinct and on display. We then placed our e-commerce branding solution where integrated it with the website, created banners for e-commerce platforms, and crafted social media content to further boost it. Because when you time your vibe to that of the buyer, you’ve made the right kind of noise.