Design is a

composition of things.

Design is a composition of things.

Good design is harmony among those things.


Few years ago, the Japanese researchers, Kurosu and Kashimura developed two ATM machines identical in function. Be it the number of buttons or how they worked, the two offered the same output. The only difference was that one had the buttons and screens arranged beautifully and the other, not so much. They then put both to the test. The results was a surprise. People found the attractive ones much easier to use. Even though they weren’t. They were exactly they same.


Good design is essential to function. It is so much more more than just being aesthetically pleasing. It is about connecting with the user, creating a positive experience and enhancing their interaction at every touch point. Design influences how we think, the way we feel and the decisions we make. And when done well, design will be seamlessly integrated, virtually invisible. It is one of the most important factors when building a brand. So it makes sense to invest time, effort and money into making something look good to work well. After all, design is the differentiator that will give you an edge over competition and win the hearts and loyalty of your customers.

When you think of the world’s most well-known brands, you can instantly picture their logos, unique colour schemes, and even fonts. This isn’t something these strong brands luckily stumbled upon. A lot goes into developing the ideal logo, finding the perfect colour scheme, the right placement and even choosing the right font. A lot of thought goes into developing the perfect font for your design. Selecting the proper typefaces, size, and style is crucial for developing your brand identity.


The human eye desires beauty. The theory of Human Centred Design is that we intuitively know good design because we can easily use it. Designs are structured go beyond addressing users’ pain points. Design is meant to help the user that their problems (whether they know of it or not) are being solved. The first designs of Apple products were therefore designed keeping the user in mind. When you think of redesigning, be it a product or a service, keep in mind that a good design will take into account the future, not just a current trend. Because good design is timeless.

Design can even make you think differently. Let’s take filmmaking for example. It’s a very powerful art form. A mise-en-scène, when done right, has the potential to change our behaviours and daily habits. A beautiful shot can inspire within us an emotion or feeling to transform our whole life. Art and design are vehicles of change, inspiring you to be better, choose smarter and make more rewarding decisions. You can educate people and raise important issues through good design.


Design is not just for the beauty or accessibility, design is for the betterment of the society. Design is to reshape and redesign the everyday things to create a better, more sustainable society. Design is creating harmony within the existing framework. No matter how big or small the idea is, good design can positively change the world.