Run as slowly as you can.

Run as slowly as you can.

Best viewed by jogging as fast as you can.


Two human sock puppets making out, a stairway to spaghetti, melting food, floating horses, chicken digestion system made of veggies, bathtub of bananas and all the more structured in a maze layout as if your lowly brains haven’t yet been spun around enough.

Toiletpaper’s exhibit at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre is an answer to the question that no one asked. What if Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci had an art baby while on LSD. Profound, absurd and unsettling on every level.Which is also somehow their lifts are designed.

The exhibit is very earnest and will touch every thread of our soul, while provoking you to tear it apart and inspect it to its bits. It is a visual feast for the senses and the senseless. A visual symphony of banging utensils which somehow yet has rhythm that makes you groove. It pushes the envelope so far, that I now opt for emails instead.

It peels back the layer of reality and shows you what Socrates might’ve dreamt of on a bad day. My learnings from the day include:
Buildings are houses that people live in. Cats are people too. Make love like war. (I took this advice to heart and my lover broke up with me that night)

Encapsulated by their own words, famous for no reason.
If 4 is the lowest score you could give to this show and 2 the highest. I’d give this show a #FF00021.

On a serious note, for me art mirrors societies and shows a picture of how the world is, or how it should be. And being fed up of the classical and ideal, this exhibit gives me great solace in the absurd and the illogical.
Banana Chicken Fart.

A surreal interpretation by our art director.