The protagonist of

every story. The audience.

The protagonist of
every story. The

Sentiment analysis is at the heart of
crafting communication.


All stories have one common element. The audience. The audience’s emotions are characters woven into the ethos of a story. They are the central characters, treated with care, pushed to the edge if need be. The words, the visuals, their role is to evoke emotions, connecting the audience, involving them in the storytelling. The audience, based on personal past experiences, their current mood and even the device on which they consume the content, will experience, react and engage with every story differently. The prevalent sentiment will play as the undercurrent to the story, highlighting the importance of sentiment analysis in creating any communication.


As content creators and marketers, we need to be able to gauge the pulse of our audience. We collect information on what the overall mood is. Are they sad, happy, angry, frustrated? With social listening tools, we conduct a thorough sentiment analysis and break down text across social media, forums, review sites and any digital space, tagging the text’s sentiment as negative, positive or neutral. Along with the mood, this data goes a long way in helping us understand the audience’s opinions, perceptions and experiences, with respect to the brand. To effectively communicate our message, we need to address the sentiment, thus creating content that our audience will relate to.


In the middle of the lockdown, when the sentiment analysis revealed how emotions ran low, people across the nation were frustrated. Frustrated taking care of the home while working from home. Frustrated cause they couldn’t step out. Frustrating cause there was no end in sight. How do we turn an atmosphere of despair into one of hope?

To market massagers, we drew attention to the most revered person in our families. Our mother. She has worked from home long before #WFH was trending. She, with a smile and a lot of love, nurtured the home and the family, thanklessly. We built a story around her unheard one. We made massagers, a perfect gift for relaxation, the perfect gift for mothers. The audience connected with what mothers have been silently enduring. Their frustration helped them to not just acknowledge, but to appreciate their mother’s work, giving rise to a new sentiment of gratitude. One story transformed the sentiment and changed the narrative of numerous homes across the country.

As restrictions were lifted but the threat persevered, the audience, while embracing the new normal, were overworked and tired. Superheroes in their own worlds, each family member worked hard to achieve home, family and work goals. We wanted to give them some reprieve. What better way than positioning massagers as teleportation devices. The story, promising a rewarding escape from their demanding lives, connected with an audience of all ages, across social spectrums.

Different sentiments require different treatments. Sentiment analysis is crucial when we craft copy to build context, layering it with sensibilities that will not just connect with the intended target audience but spur them into action. That’s why at Centrick, we listen, learn, create and then communicate where it matters most.