Italian by nature.

Fast by design.

Italian by nature. Fast by design.


When you think of Italy, what comes to your mind?
The well-travelled, with a raised eyebrow, will discuss the limoncello, the espresso and the gelato. The masses will reflect on the pizza, the pasta and the opera. Surely we will “Volare” across Tuscany to Rome, Milan to Como and from the Amalfi to Sicily. Here is where we drop the “Netflix” generation to pay respect to the connoisseurs of cinema, those who dissect “The Godfather” and tip their hats to Don Vito Corleone. Now is when you ask, what has all of this got to do with a super bike brand called Aprilia? Our answer? Absolutely nothing. The penny dropped and we won the Aprilia business.

We won the Aprilia business for our knowledge about its racing heritage and the 54 world titles to show for it. We knew Aprilia was raced by legends such as Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi and Valentino Rossi. We learnt about the trinity of legends Miguel Galluzzi (designed Ducati Monster) Claudio Lombardi (F1 Engineer & Manager Ferrari) and Luigi Dall’Igna (Ducati’s human engine) who started their careers with Aprilia and ensured each Aprilia would be objects of desire to both racing and riding enthusiasts.

At Centrick, we dug deeper to understand the Aprilia 270° crank resembling the front half of a V4 engine. We acquainted ourselves with the distinct grunt that each and every Aprilia produces. We understood how each of Aprilia’s state-of-the-art innovations go straight from the track to the street unadulterated. By this time we could proudly say, we live Aprilia. We surely knew Centrick had fallen in love with Aprilia.

The story continued. We then got a taste of the brand both online and offline. We felt Aprilia punch above it’s weight with the RS 457. It’s been doing this for most of its history. Aprilia has built its reputation exclusively upon the quality of its products. That’s when we whole hearted agreed with what that one “reddit”user said “where Ducati is a Ferrari, Aprilia is more a Lamborghini. You buy a Ducati to be like the man you want to be. You buy an Aprilia because you are the man you want to be.”

The penny dropped. We knew we wanted to be a strategic design and communication partner to Aprilia. Mic drop. We are the design and design and communication partner to Aprilia.