Storytelling made Bombay

Shirt Company look good

and perform better

Storytelling made
Bombay Shirt
Company look good
and perform better


Stories. As humans we love listening to them and we love to share them. Fortunately for us, Bombay Shirt Company had a lot to tell. Stories about their fabrics whose origins can be traced back to the land of the rising sun or the land of the crescent moon. Bombay Shirt Company is synonymous with craftsmanship, and that’s a story precisely everybody loves to hear. At Centrick, we dug out such stories and told them through evocative yet fashionable films.

Bombay Shirt Company strives to de-mystify the process of shopping through algorithms and custom fits to make your perfect shirt. A shirt that’s you. At Centrick, we understood the brand’s essence and used “simplicity” as the core ingredient in our storytelling, visual design and aesthetic.

Don’t take out word for it. We are just the agency. Here’s what the Founder of Bombay Shirt Company had to say about Centrick.

“True to their name, Centrick always has a unique twist and a fresh take to every problem. Their amalgamation of design, data, and technology has proved extremely useful in understanding our audience better and in communicating with them more effectively while staying true to the brand’s visual language. Centrick’s turnaround time, which is crucial to the success of many initiatives, was one of the quickest we have seen in the industry. Lastly, day to day communication with Centrick was made easy thanks to their dedicated team who was available for feedback, changes and project discussions.”

Akshay Narvekar – Founder
Bombay Shirt Company