E-commerce brands can

look good, be loved &

profitable, Lifelong

E-commerce brands
can look good, be
loved & profitable,


Yes, that’s what we did for one of our favourite brands ‘Lifelong India Online’. We started this journey with Lifelong by bringing change to the core, its website. After all, it forms the base of every brand’s marketing efforts. This website was built ground up, mobile first, google friendly and amazon inspired. We moved away from the common myth of making it look like a marketplace. We went minimalistic, made it look “premium” and ensured “value” stood out through design. Now, while it looked good, the audience was left feeling better about Lifelong.

The destination was set. To bring audiences and let them experience it, content was key. While we created content that touched their hearts, we ensured the products made by Lifelong stayed in their minds. And that’s how we broke the myth about the need for e-commerce to look cluttered to perform better.

Don’t believe us. Here’s what the Head of Marketing at Lifelong says about us.

“After meeting multiple agencies and understanding how they would approach this Brand-Refresh, we finally decided to partner with Centrick. Their lateral approach to building the brand Digital-first, the ideas, the overall clarity and quality in the proof of concept presented was what convinced us about the partnership. Here’s someone who shares our vision and enthusiasm for all things digital.

At Lifelong, we were looking for a design language that could help us break away from the clutter. Also, as our product range is quite diverse, we were looking for a solution that could work from Home & Kitchen to Lifestyle to Fitness. Centrick has been able to put together a design structure that beautifully deals with this complex requirement.

We developed a great partnership with Centrick over the course of this project, and what has been equally impressive besides the creative approach, is the dedication & attention to detail they have displayed in managing projects in its entirety.”

Prerna Nagpal – Head of Marketing
Lifelong Online Retail Pvt. Ltd.