Strategic in nature,

we are a design driven

communication consultancy

Strategic in nature, we are a design driven communication consultancy


Communication starts with strategy. Strategy defines how we talk to the people we want to talk to, in a manner that they will best consume the message. But we don’t build strategies the way a typical agency would. We don’t spend months (sometimes a whole year) studying the market, the economy, global factors and maybe some time with the users to come back with the core understanding of the brand itself. As a design and communication consultancy, we do our research a little differently. Research that then evolves into our strategy. We understand what the task is. We identify the need gaps. We study the drivers of consumer behaviour. We conduct qualitative research instead of quantitative. And all this is done using our proprietary tool. An iterative process we abide by.

Search sites. Our brain child that has worked for us across projects, big and small. Scientific in nature, simple in theory, sophisticated in execution. Being a design and communication consultancy, we are designed to first just listen. We listen in on conversations. No, we aren’t spies. We talk to the different stakeholders, part of the brand, aspiring to be part of the brand, or completely out of the brand-world. We listen to them tell us how the brand was built. Why it came into existence. Where do they want to go. How do they plan on getting there. We listen to their consumers. Why do they partner with the brand. What would they change. What works for them, what doesn’t. We then listen to those the brand would like to partner. What would make them partner the brand. Why haven’t they as yet.

We don’t ask ambiguous questions. Pointed ones gets them to divulge the information we need.

Once we have heard them out, we move onto the learn phase. Using design ethnography tools, we study their audience’s behaviour and how they interact with the world around them. Both online and offline. We study their competitors’ behaviour. How they interact with the audience. What works for them and what doesn’t. We take these learnings to formulate a strategy so robust, there is no question on how the brand needs to be positioned in the minds of the audience to achieve what they want.

The strategy leads us into our third phase where we create. We create communication that will take the messaging to the audience. And we do this by staying true to our core philosophy. Our philosophy of making brands look good. As a design and communication consultancy, for us, looks are all about the aesthetics.

That’s how we make spaces look good, online and offline. That’s how we design communication, be it for social or corporates, B2B or B2C, for hoardings or newspapers, look good. That’s how we script, produce and direct films to take centerstage on YouTube or become frontrunners at film festivals. Some can even become long format shows. And while we say they could, some of them actually have. This is what makes us effective so brands like yours can be profitable.