We are a full-service digital

agency that’s designed to

make you grow fast

We are a full-
service digital
agency that’s
designed to make
you grow fast


At Centrick, good design sensibilities are placed at the core, so that everything we do, looks good and performs better. These same sensibilities came into play while designing our agency ground up. We studied the full-service digital agency business model. While we already knew it was flawed, we found a few things that didn’t align with our vision of what an agency should be.

During the period of 2005 – 2015, large agency networks started buying out setups providing highly specialised skillsets. These were leveraged as independent consultants when needed, with separate P&L’s. However, the brands at this time wanted integrated campaigns. So, these specialisations were quickly absorbed into the parent agencies. This incurred a huge cost, and we all know who picked the tab. Then came the digital boom. Now, each platform, vertical, audience needed to be looked at differently and each needed to have its own skillset.

Hello Disintegration! A big cost once again and yes, the same people picked the tab, once again. This conflict between integration and specialisation is what inspired a customised model for a full-service digital agency, that we christened as Centrick.

Centrick offers tangible benefits for the brands we partner. We inked a strategic alliance with Bright Brain and Underdog. Bright Brain provides data, performance, tech and media solutions. We lean towards Underdog when we need to take solutions offline. Now, this hybrid full service digital agency business model works seamlessly for our brands. We three work in unison when a solution requires us to. Resources from each are brought together to create an integrated team within one office setup. However, if you need specialised solutions, be it ideation, production or performance, you work with just that specialised team. The benefit being, unlike any other full service digital agency, you don’t pay for resources not working on your brand, you don’t pay for the real estate of organisations not associated with your needs, you don’t pay for agency heads who never even knew you existed.

We are a full-service digital agency that understands your needs and designs itself around them. This makes us effective to keep you profitable.