we are not the typical

marketing agency you know

we are not the
typical marketing
agency you know


Yes, Centrick is not your typical marketing agency. We are far more than that. In fact, we hate being called a marketing agency. We deliver 360-degree marketing solutions that cut across the boundaries of media to some of India’s largest conglomerates, reputed design schools, (yes, you read that right) most loved e-commerce brands, coveted fashion brands, sought after travel consultants and leaders in the hospitality sector. But, if these are the adjectives that describe them, why did they ever need us?

You see, the reasons they chose us as their communication consultancy were many. For some it was to build meaningful engagement with their audiences, for others it was improving brand experiences. Aesthetics is something they all wanted their brands to be known for. These three objectives when achieved, impact brand recall, brand value and brand affinity. Now we all know what happens when you grow affinity, value and recall.

So, at Centrick we power those who choose us as partners, with go-to market strategies that grow revenue, build strong brands that make people fall in love and remember them. Our solutions ensure our partners are future ready while they stay good looking. Now, that’s what sets us apart from digital marketing agencies.

Look good and perform better.

Yes, at Centrick we make brands look good, digital first, mobile friendly and future ready. Don’t just take our word for it. Click on the logos below. While you read what each of our partners have to say about us, we will show you all the good things we loved doing for them.